Incident Report NAMO-2430688

While I was away I lost two soldiers and I didn’t feel llike loosing more while they were healing up so I stayed up. Having seen something not human I woke up the squad and investigated getting the attention of the guards on patrol and the night nurse in the process. Although it seemed crazy even to me from a rational point of view I know what I saw and it didn’t seem human. Next night I stayed up, purposely having slept all day. This time I was sure I saw something, what is was is hard to say, too big for an animal to small for a man, maybe a child… never seen a kid though with a pale immaciated body and the head of what looked like a bat… yeah I know sounds crazy.

I watched it with malice if it moved towards one of my platoon in a threatening way, Brandon had managed to scroung up a knife while at the motorpool and it was all I had, if it took a step to one of my men it was really all I needed. It left without causing a comotion, probably since it saw me looking at it. Waking the rest I moved out after it from the hole in the tent. The rest of the squad probably thought I was crazy but seeing the little creature move off with a few more simliar looking things towards the latrines I gave chase. Loosing the tracks didn’t sit well and had me scheduled for an appointment with a doctor to talk about things.

The guards hadn’t found anything and the Nurse probably thought I was suffering from Battle Fatigue. Brandon and Lingquist having checked out the morgue found a simliar situation for covert entry. He let the motorpool guys know since they were blamed for ‘losing the bodies’.

My meeting with the officer to talk about my ‘dreams’ left a bad taste in my mouth. He didn’t want to talk about the missing dead bodies and for the most part dismissed my thoughts and statements as being Battle Fatigue. Since he just wanted to have me pop pills to go to sleep I made a deal with him, I’d only concern myself about my tent, and if there were any body missing dead or alive it’d be on his head.

That night I took first watch and listened to the muffled screams of someone, it wasn’t from within the tent or close so I let it be. Gun shots and louder screams had the rest of the squad up. When they asked what was going on I let them know it was the last in a series of screams before the gunshots, I had been looking at the time and writing things down for the report or the Section 8 I’d be getting. One of the boys gripped about being woken up for my supposedly weird thing that was scrambling around the camp but didn’t wake them when I heard screams. I shrugged witha grimm look and reminded him when he heard gunshots they were all up and at ‘em, and they knew what to do. Lindquist let me know looking outside the idea and desciption wasn’t that far off and that a group of them were going at it with what looked like a soldier and that he was down. He moved to the armory to get his weapons while the rest of us moved towards the fallen soldiers. By the time we got there the six little creatures were scuttering off into the dessert, the two guards on patrol were dead from what Rockwell could tell. Seeing a blood trail the three of us gave chase after grabbing the guard’s gear.

I left a note of what I had noticed till now adding in the number of assailants and direction of the escape and signed it. Using a baton I marked out along the way our trail on rocks or in the sand when we were making major changes in case the MPs followed. Lindquist showing up with a jeep when we reached the stones and caves was a partial blessing.

Eventually finding a way in LIndquist threw up and I did let everyone know it did sting the eyes a bit. Everyone looked to Brandon who just shrugged from behind his gas mask.

Considering the close quarters I opted to dish out weapons remind people we may not have room to shoot longarms. Sticking with just a baton we moved in, Lindquist only got to say ‘Sir’ before the swarm of bats came down and buffeted the group some of them catching fire. With the idea of flammable bats the squad was just trying to stay aware of the situation, I told the group to spread out as I ways into the little buggers with a baton. Eventually they got the hint and took off. With Rockwell injured I gave him the shirt off my back literally to help him wrap his injury. We meet up with chanting and were attacked by more of the little bat men and I was injured in the fight. After a quick patch job from Rockwell with some scraps from my shirt he still had we pressed on to see what other odd things we’d see tonight.

The blood trail let me know something was hopefully still alive.

Incident Report NAMO-2430688

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