Incident Report NAMO-2430684

081742 NOV 42

Steets of Casablanca
Attacked by French Forces with Heavy Machine Gun on Patrol. Requested French to surrender in their native tongue and English. Meet with opposition of more Heavy Machine gun suprresive fire and grenades. Ordered squad to engage and authorized use of deadly force. Total French forces appeared to be a three man machine gun crew, four other soldiers plus a Captain. Upon seeing the officer in charge I gave him an additional opportunity to surrender which he did not take. Upon impaling him with my fixed bayonett and tossing the body off into the machine gun nest the three surviving troops of the French forces surrendered.

Status put us one man down ourselves Pvt Johnson having climbed to the roof to engage and support the squad with suppressive fire on the machine gun nest ended up butchered by superior firepower from a larger machine gun.

Recommend Pvt Johnson for a Purple Heart as well as an accomidation medal for his gallantry and actions underfire.

Modifiers (Easy Mission -2); (Wounded during mission +2): 1d20 roll

Incident Report NAMO-2430684

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