Incident Report NAMO-2430674

101423 NOV 42
Airfield outside Casablanca
Contact with German forces, gunfire exchanged.

With Lindquist and Rockwell giving long range support initially the Jeep carrying Rogers, Brandon, and myself came under fire, returning fire at the time with four German Soldiers. Two officers were making their way towards the plane. One of the officers was dragging Francios Gobard. Enemy forces sustained causualties before reinforcements showed up.

With Francios Gobard getting into the vechile after his capturor was injured he let us know he needed his papers that were on the officer with him. After killing the officer Rogers made his way out to get the papers and was pinned down by enemy gunfight. The other officer grabbed the breifcase and the plane started to move down the small runway until Lindquist and Rogers managed to shoot out the tires before it could take off.

During the firefight I needed to body block the frenchman from a grenade blast since for the most part he was a non combatant the Germans were dead set on killing it seemed.

With the officer making a break for the plane wreckage he was cut down by automatic machine gun fire.

With very few people left standing on the enemy forces I barked out the order to surrender in German. All enemy forces given the chance to comply did so.

Lindquist acquired the breifcase.

An explosion from the plane that seemed rigged had burning papers fluttering in the wind.

The Frenchman muttered about his work being gone and developed a noticable tick.

It was unclear at the time for his papers and the briefcase actually involved besides ‘The Dark Ones’.

Incident Report NAMO-2430674

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