Six by Six: Reports from O'Dark 30

Mission 5: In the Lair of Body Snatchers
The conclusion to the Body Snatcher Incident

Date: 1942 November 27 00:30:00.0 UT
Location: Unkown Cave and Catacombs in the Dessert
Objective: Search and Recovery

After the minor encounter and getting patched up the squad made their way further into the complex. Nurse was found KIA, body recovered. Refere to report for more informaion.

Incident Report NAMO-2430690

3XP Awarded

Mission 3: Tank Buster Infantry

With SFC Murphy away the boys deal with invading German infantry and tanks.

Mission 4: Body snatchers at a Field Hospital
Relax you're not crazy but everyone thinks you are

Date: 1942 November 24 16:30:00.0 UT
Location: Temporary Field Hospital
Objective: Recouperation

Contact with enemy airplanes put our moving convoy on high alert with several injured or damage to vechiles. With injuries and damage to our companies equipment Command changed our marching orders and we moved to a temporary field hospital to patch up the best we could.

Rumors milled about bodies coming up missing had me concerned, having already lost three from the platoon I found myself trying to catch details of the ones who fell in combat, Private Stark was one, the others the squad had a hard time remembering by name being on the anti tank guns. Waking up in the middle of the night I saw something. Wasn’t human and by the sounds wasn’t a small animal. Thoughts of something coming in and dragging more of my people out from the tent and the rumors of missing dead bodies made my mind turn in ways sounded like crazy talk.

Incident Report NAMO-2430688

2 XP awarded.

Mission 02: Raid on the Airfield
Five Soldiers with Jeep and 50 Cal versus a Plane

Date: November 10th, 1942
Location: Hardball Highway outside Casablanca leading to an Airfield
Objective: Rescue and escort back Francios Gobard

With the obstacle and the firefight behind us Rockwell patched up the whole squad pretty quickly, he looked at us gravely explaining it had sapped most of his medical supplies though.

Getting onto the airfield Brandon slowed down allowing Lindquist to jump out to get into position, Rockwell low on supplies when to back him up.

Contact with German forces ensued on sight for the most part before any peaceful solution could be reached
See Incident Report NAMO-2430674

With the remaining conscious soldiers surrenderings, Rockwell patched up Rogers who had been injured in the fight before taking the confiscated medical supplies to get the unconscious German soldiers still alive up and moving. With thier weapons confiscated tools were scrounged up to supply them a means to bury their dead before they were escorted back to HQ.

I have a forboding feeling about the comment from the German Officer, he seemed more fearful of something the papers and books contained versus dying. Anything that put the fear of God into a man more so than war and a 50 Cal staring you down is never a good thing.

2 XP awarded.

German Weapons, ammo, and supplies acquired.
Fuel Truck acquired.
Additional vechile acquired.

Citation for Bravery

In action on November 8, 1942, SFC Murphy’s patrol was pinned down by heavy machinegun fire. Without regard for his own safety, SFC Murphy fixed his bayonet and charged the emplacement bringing about an immediate surrender of hostile forces. Such displays of courage go above and beyond the call of duty.

Lt. J. T. RIpper

(Easy Mission -2)

Mission 1: March through Morocco
Machine Guns and Frenchies surrendering... what could go wrong

Date: November 8th, 1942
Location: Northwest in the waters above the Port of Casablanca.
Objective: Patrolling the Streets of Cassblanca

We’re under five mits out, most of the men are taking to being packed in like sardines in this Uboat for the landing. We’ve recieved orders to offer the French a chance to surrender before engaging. We’re also on orders to now engage the French unless we’re fired upon or resist surrendering. Landing when find and we the platoon was assigned to patrol the area. For the most part we watched as the French openly surrendered as he moved through to our area to patrol and scout out. As things got quite I looked around. No locals, no soldiers, no sounds of a city. I let the squad with me know to keep their eyes open and their guns up. Brandon asked if he should scout out the side ally while he affixed his bayonett, still wearing his mask since the uboat he was showing just how green he was. I put Johnson on support with him and mentioned we’d meet up on the other side around the building. Lindquist and Rockwell were with me.

Walking around the corner I didn’t like seeing a sandbag position with a machine gun pointed at me. I roared out contact after surpressive fire came bounding down the cobblestone street at us.

See Incident Report NAMO-2430684

Date: November 10th, 1942
Location: Capture Capital of Marocco, Casablanca.
Objective: Rescue and escort back Francios Gobard
With the loss of a soldier so early into friendly territory it felt calis to point at another soldier and let him know he was with us. Things went smoother over the next two days with the French forces moving farther into the heart of the capital. A few hours before we planned to commence the attack they surrendered.

Lt. John Tiberus Ripper showing up in a Jeep wasn’t to congratulate us. He ordered us to escort an informant at the Police station to HQ before the Germans got him for interrogations. As his radio started squaking he listened in and started yelling and arguing with the people on the other end. Pushing his radio op out of the Jeep and stepping out he looked at us and told us to get a move on. Giving him a salute I had the squad mount up, Brandon driving with Rockwell riding front, Lindquist and the new guy were with me in the back. I stood on the 50, until we got to the police station.

I hoped off and took Brandon in with me, Lindquist moved to the 50 cal just incase we got ambushed again. Inside I asked the police where the guy were were looking for was, Francious Gobard or something. They seemed to be confused although they understood my French and I didn’t have the time so I used a universal phrase that most people understood in all languages. I chambered a round in my rifle and started to raise it to chest level. With the police holding up their hands surrendering the cheif let us know the German’s had already come and gotten him. Nodding I took him by the back of the neck outside and asked the fastest route. I translated for Brnadon and we were on our way out of town.

As we got on the hardball road out of town we saw two vechiles in front of us. I yelled out to Lindquist on the range and he shook his head. I called out to swope and if he had a shot to take it as I got back on the 50. When we went over a ridge we saw only one vechile in the distance. I let everyone know we were going into an ambush we didn’t have time to be pretty and we’d have to just charge on through.

See Incident Report NAMO-2430686-A

3 XP awarded.


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