Six by Six: Reports from O'Dark 30

Mission 4: Body snatchers at a Field Hospital

Relax you're not crazy but everyone thinks you are

Date: 1942 November 24 16:30:00.0 UT
Location: Temporary Field Hospital
Objective: Recouperation

Contact with enemy airplanes put our moving convoy on high alert with several injured or damage to vechiles. With injuries and damage to our companies equipment Command changed our marching orders and we moved to a temporary field hospital to patch up the best we could.

Rumors milled about bodies coming up missing had me concerned, having already lost three from the platoon I found myself trying to catch details of the ones who fell in combat, Private Stark was one, the others the squad had a hard time remembering by name being on the anti tank guns. Waking up in the middle of the night I saw something. Wasn’t human and by the sounds wasn’t a small animal. Thoughts of something coming in and dragging more of my people out from the tent and the rumors of missing dead bodies made my mind turn in ways sounded like crazy talk.

Incident Report NAMO-2430688

2 XP awarded.


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