Six by Six: Reports from O'Dark 30

Mission 02: Raid on the Airfield

Five Soldiers with Jeep and 50 Cal versus a Plane

Date: November 10th, 1942
Location: Hardball Highway outside Casablanca leading to an Airfield
Objective: Rescue and escort back Francios Gobard

With the obstacle and the firefight behind us Rockwell patched up the whole squad pretty quickly, he looked at us gravely explaining it had sapped most of his medical supplies though.

Getting onto the airfield Brandon slowed down allowing Lindquist to jump out to get into position, Rockwell low on supplies when to back him up.

Contact with German forces ensued on sight for the most part before any peaceful solution could be reached
See Incident Report NAMO-2430674

With the remaining conscious soldiers surrenderings, Rockwell patched up Rogers who had been injured in the fight before taking the confiscated medical supplies to get the unconscious German soldiers still alive up and moving. With thier weapons confiscated tools were scrounged up to supply them a means to bury their dead before they were escorted back to HQ.

I have a forboding feeling about the comment from the German Officer, he seemed more fearful of something the papers and books contained versus dying. Anything that put the fear of God into a man more so than war and a 50 Cal staring you down is never a good thing.

2 XP awarded.

German Weapons, ammo, and supplies acquired.
Fuel Truck acquired.
Additional vechile acquired.


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